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Education education

Keep tax dollars in the classroom where it belongs. Nevada’s children are falling behind. We have to make meaningful reforms to our education system that keep more tax dollars in the classroom and give parents more control to help… Read more

Jobs jobs

Get Nevadans back to work. Nevada’s unemployment continues to be one of the highest in the Nation. Before Nevada can truly recover, we need to get Nevadans back to work. Chris will support efforts to bring new industries to Nevada that… Read more

Budget budget

Balance the budget and keep spending under control. During each of the legislative sessions during the Great Recession, the Nevada Legislature has looked for ways to increase taxes on out-of-work… Read more

Endorsed By:

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval
Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce
Henderson Chamber of Commerce

National Federation of Independent Businesses
Hispanics in Politics Calvin Coolidge Institute
National Rifle Association (NRA) 

Nevada Realtors Association
Las Vegas Police Protective Association – Metro

Las Vegas Police Protective Association – Civilian Employees
Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus
Nevada Firearms Coalition
Las Vegas Review Journal