Nevada’s unemployment continues to be one of the highest in the Nation. Before Nevada can truly recover, we need to get Nevadans back to work. Chris will support efforts to bring new industries to Nevada that will create jobs and opportunities for Nevadans and will oppose tax increases on job creators.

Chris knows that government doesn’t create jobs; Nevada’s small businesses do. He will help get government out of the way so businesses can grow and thrive. We need to stop changing the playing field so companies will feel confident investing and growing in Nevada.


Nevada’s children are falling behind. We have to make meaningful reforms to our education system that keep more tax dollars in the classroom and give parents more control to help their children succeed.

Chris will support charter schools, giving parents choices and the opportunity to send their students to a school that fits their needs and will support programs to identify and reward high performing teachers.

Chris knows that to get Nevada back on track, employers are looking for a strong education system. Our children are our future, and we need to be doing everything in our power to give them the skills they will need.


During each of the legislative sessions throughout the Great Recession, the Nevada Legislature has looked for ways to increase taxes on out-of-work Nevadans. This is the wrong approach.

Chris knows how to balance a budget and has worked in many roles where he has witnessed firsthand how government budgets can grow out of control. Chris will work to eliminate wasteful spending and keep the state budget on track with population growth.